i bite the ice cream

hi! my name is zae. i'm an amateur hobbyist artist who sometimes draws for other people. i also enjoy writing, reading & gaming! i'm quite social online and regardless of site my dms are almost always open to anyone.


-hollow knight!
-obscure stuff


-the dark
-being alone
-bodies of water
-people uselessly going "..." >:(

trigger warnings in my art

► none of my works will be nsfw, but there will be some slightly innuendo things here and there
► there will be pride related things (namely gay ships drawn) frequently
► i do gorey or otherwise bloody works often, please be cautious w/ viewing that
► i do a lot of static/eyestrain artworks. PLEASE be careful viewing my things if you're susceptible to epilepsy.
► some imagery of animals in varying levels of suffering are often depicted

trigger warnings in my writing

► as with before i will not do nsfw/smut/lemon etc. as it makes me uncomfortable and is a personal trigger of mine
► lgbtqia+ will be heavily mentioned and a common theme in my stories
► i like to use derealization & other similar themes in my writings
► mentions of anxiety, fear, violence, and other negative emotions are also going to be common

please view my things with caution if these are triggers for you. stay safe <3